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3 Reasons Your Company Shouldn't Create A Screening App

By Sarah Essich on June 30, 2020 |


Let's explore the following real life scenario: your company is slowly, but surely making plans for the much anticipated return to the workplace. The company's pandemic team has thoughtfully planned out the physical space to make it conducive to social distancing and they're having employees return to work in phases to ease into the transition. The last piece to the puzzle is a method for properly screening employees through a carefully worded questionnaire. The team decides that the company's IT department will develop an in house mobile application for employees to self assess for symptoms. Fiscally responsible, quick to rollout, and an efficient use of resources, right? Think again. 

Here are the three reasons your company shouldn't create their own screening application:

1. Cost

According to many popular websites, the cost of developing a simple mobile application will cost anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000. Keep in mind, with each additional customized feature that is added to the mobile application, the cost continues to increase. 

2. Labor Intensive

Many companies underestimate the manpower and time that is needed to effectively develop a mobile application. According to, creating a mobile application requires AT LEAST one of each of the following on the development team:

  • Project manager
  • Programmer
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA engineer

By the time a company has decided they need a mobile application, they usually want to implement the application as soon as possible. Do you know how long it takes to develop a mobile application? Typically, a mobile application, according to, takes 500-1500 hours of work. At the minimum, that is 12.5 weeks before implementation can take place. 

3. Lack of Ongoing Support

The last aspect I want you to consider when thinking about creating an in house mobile application is the ongoing support that is required. Who will your employees call if they have difficulty signing into their app? Who will your team call if the app doesn't have a needed feature? A dedicated team is imperative for ongoing support after a mobile application has been developed and rolled out. 

Taking the ins and outs of application development into consideration, it would be beneficial for every company to explore their other options. 

Modjoul can meet your needs with an easy to use, customizable screening application that can be rolled out to your employees in less than 24 hours, all while having the 24/7 support of Modjoul's US based customer support team. Let us know if you would like to learn more. 

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