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Are We There Yet!?!

By Josh Turner on November 13, 2020 |


Happy Friday the 13th! For most of us, 2020 in its entirety has felt like one long Friday the 13th – either the random super unlucky sixth day of the week that’s also the thirteenth day of month OR the slasher series of horror films, take your pick. Whichever it has been for you, rest assured you are not alone. The bulk of us are ready for this year to pass – well at least ready for its troubles to be solved. So we ask…..

“Are we there yet???” Ah, yes, the quintessential journey phrase. True, it has been spoken by children on too many movies to count, but we have all probably uttered or heard that same question in real life. For most of us, it repeatedly came out of our mouths (or one of our sibling’s/relative’s) as a kid…on long drives…where we are stuck in close quarters, our own bubble, with the same people for extended periods of time…and the journey itself is wayyy less appealing than the destination. Let’s be honest, this could be our very first time going to this destination, and we may not have any real idea or experience of what it will be like. But there is one thing we do know – we are tired of the journey. Hmmm…does any of that sound familiar here in 2020? The end result of the trip may have been for the purpose of self-satisfaction or rest or entertainment, or D) all the above, but every bit of that was definitely lacking on the trek itself.

The same can be said of now. The Global Entertainment and Media Market covers a lot of what we would lump into the D) all the above. Since 2011, there has been only one year where the Global Entertainment and Media Market’s value has dropped from the previous year – and yep, you guessed the year…2020. We are tired of the journey. Are we there yet? We have seen all levels of sporting events and leagues altered, delayed, and even canceled. In 2019, the sporting industry had a 33% increase in sponsorships. This year, sponsorships are down 40%. Even Coca Cola has not renewed their agreement with Major League Baseball for next year. The income from the sale of tickets, stadium food/drinks and vendor merch is next to nothing. Are we there yet? And speaking of live entertainment, we have seen 85% of its industry’s workers furloughed during this pandemic. Are we there yet? For those workers that have gone back to the facility, plant and/or office, as of November the 11th, OSHA has received over 42,800 (and counting) complaints related to COVID-19 and the workplace. Are we there yet?

You might be thinking to yourself, “though this data is real and informative, it is sure not extremely positive.” And you would be right. 2020 has sort of been that way, hasn’t it? So, let’s button all of this up with a different view. We are not “there” yet, but we are on our way. That is a sentence we can smile about. Even though I won’t be able to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live in-person this holiday season, the Global Entertainment and Media Market’s projections for 2021 are right back at 2019’s levels. We have people like Joe Lacob, owner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, who are spending $30+ million to ensure that once their state allows fans at sporting events, they will be able to function safely at 50% capacity. We could go on and on with listing positives (from vaccine to philanthropy to workplace setups) that will help us get to “there,” but I need to let you get on with your day. How about one thing to take away from this to apply to your life right now? Here goes.

Full circle…when we as adults talk about our “Are we there yet?” trips as kids, we usually find points and pieces in those memories to smile about and those are the heart of our story. If we are being honest, we probably wish more of our energy back then was on the positives of living in those moments instead of just anxiously awaiting the destination. Even though the 9-hr cramped drive with friends or relatives was not the absolute most fun thing in history, what we would give to go back for just 1 minute, shift our focus, and really take it all in – parent/guardian up front driving, radio on, the person in the front passenger seat has their feet up on the dashboard as they try to get comfortable enough to nap with the window cracked…we are in the backseat…looking around the almost landfill of packed luggage and belongings, our siblings’ or relatives’ or friends’ heads are slouched over, some mouths open and drooling…the sun coming in through the windows onto our faces. Instead of worrying about the destination so much, how wonderful would it be if the cornerstone was the little things during the journey? Maybe we shouldn’t be asking a question, “Are we THERE yet?”…maybe we should be making a statement, “Yet, we are HERE.” Take some extra time away from the stressful, future destination talk, and put a little more focus on the family and friends around you on the journey. From now through the holiday season, note the little things.

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