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Jen Thorson

Giving Back & Paying it Forward

By Jen Thorson on December 8, 2020

When I think about pivotal times in my life, I can pinpoint special people who lifted me up and gave me confidence in my intellect, my athleticism, or my work itself.   When I think of myself in undergraduate school at the University of North...

Modjoul's Founding

By Jen Thorson on October 9, 2020

We are always asked the question of the story of what on earth got into our minds to start Modjoul and what was the story behind it.  The funny thing is that it didn’t take much thought, just a good idea we were all in.  Eric Martinez and I...

Modjoul Team Member Spotlight: Nicklas Thilen

By Jen Thorson on August 13, 2020

Have you ever wondered how Modjoul is able to create new products so quickly? Well, it happens by having mechanical engineering talent on the team. At Modjoul there is a lot that goes on behind the Wizard of Oz curtain, and we want to highlight...

Modjoul Team Member Spotlight: Sarah Essich

By Jen Thorson on July 6, 2020

Have you ever wondered how Modjoul is able to provide such awesome customer service? Well, it happens through adopting the fundamental principle that each and every one of our customers is important. At Modjoul, there is a lot that goes on behind...

Returning to Work with a Screening Process

By Jen Thorson on April 23, 2020 in Screening, Return to Work, Modjoul Health, COVID-19, Mobile App

"When are we going to get back to normal?"  Is a question we hear our family, friends and colleagues ask almost daily especially as it relates to many Americans getting back to work safely and responsibly. The answer to the question occupying...