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Can I Do More?

By Eric Martinez on November 17, 2020 |


Businesses have gotten the basics down for having employees wear masks, installing plexiglass and signs to wash your hands frequently, but there is more that can be done in helping prevent Covid-19 spread at work. Keys to controlling the virus at work are implementing a screening AND exposure questionnaire, automating social distancing, automating contact tracing, testing, and proactively looking at the data to reduce the extent of possible infection to your employees.

Monitoring starts with asking the employees the right questions. No longer is temperature the only question you should ask an employee. Your monitoring of employee symptoms should also include loss of smell, body aches, nausea, etc. It also must include exposure questions, as well. As we all have learned, there are a number of asymptomatic people out there and understanding if you have been exposed to the virus is an important line of defense. Having robust screening and exposure questions before an employee and visitors enter your facility are key proactive measures for preventing the virus from being introduced.

Automating social distancing to notify employees working too closely together or if they must control the amount of interactions an employee has with a number of unique employees is also important in managing the spread. Contact tracing reports can help redesign processes where employees come into contact with other areas, understand if there is a job role that interacts with a large number of employees, or redesign work areas to increase the spacing in the process. Redesigning work areas does not just have to be plexiglass. Process redesign and changes in personal protective equipment for employees that come into contact with large number of employees will also help reduce the spread.

Automating contact tracing will take 3 days off the time it takes to inform employees for a possible infection. If an employee is making 6 unique contact traces each day at work, you can limit the number of exposures by that many. This could be the difference in shutting down an entire facility, a department or only having a couple of employees impacted. Most employers only think about the cost associated with the testing versus the impact to production, the employee and their family’s health care costs, the loss time of the employees and lost output of the facility, which could be the highest expense of them all. The output could also add a supply chain risk factor, as there could be down stream and upstream impacts of not making orders and getting product out in time.

Wearing masks and washing hands are the easy items to implement, but there are others just as important that will protect your employees and lower your expenses.

  • Adding exposure questions to your employee screening
  • Asking more than just temperature to screening for symptoms
  • Automation of social distancing to help keep employees 6 feet apart
  • Automation of contact tracing to speed up the notification time
  • Proactively using contact tracing data to change workstations or processes and where to add special personal protective equipment

Modjoul can help your business implement these items. We want to help you not only keep your employees from being injured, but also reduce the spread of COVID.

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