• Praveen Nedumpully Govindan, PhD

From Technology to Product

As a young and thriving company, Modjoul’s bread and butter is selling technology, be it wearable safety products or app-based screening and contact tracing products. This leads me into thinking what transforms a technology into a good product that customers would love to buy.

One of the common definitions for the word technology is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. The two key words in this definition are practical purposes. A technology can be perfect in its science and execution, but if it does not serve a good practical purpose, it has no value.

So, what really makes a technology a good product? What do we, Modjoul’s talents, keep in mind when we design a product for our customers?

  1. It should solve a business problem

The value for a product comes from the problem it solves. The solved problem can be as simple as saving time for a business process, reducing the cost for an operation or enhancing people’s satisfaction. To call a technology a product, one way or the other, it must solve an existing business problem. In the case of Modjoul wearable devices, it is making the workplace safer for the workers and reducing injury related expenses for employers. Our screening app and contact tracing products make the screening and contact tracing tasks effortless.

2. Technology is only a tool

That’s right. Technology is only a tool (to solve a business problem!). We should not get focused on the technology itself, but rather on its purpose. The technology we use can change and there can be better technologies tomorrow. We should be ready to adjust and adapt at a fast pace without getting stuck with one technology or the other. As an example, let me tell you an insider story. When we started our operation a couple of years ago, Apache Spark was hot. Every technology company was using it, so did we. However, after a year or so, a new alternative technology emerged and we decided to switch over. We faced a number of challenges including the requirement to re-write a large piece of code in a different programming language. But we navigated through all those challenges and as a result we are now able to provide the same service faster and that too at a lower cost.

3. Serving customers is the key

Yes. Customer is the king. A customer knows best what their challenges are. They know what takes priority. They understand what needs fixing today and what can wait. We understand this. 100%. And we are reminded of this by our CEO and COO more often than required 😊. On a serious note, we are proud to take customer feedback and improve our product. We have awesome sales and marketing teams that never shy away from bringing awesome ideas to the technology team.

To conclude, I believe that, despite the ongoing pandemic, Modjoul is excelling and our customers love us because we are always thinking: how to make our products greater; how can we enhance our products’ value for customers. And we will continue striving to make our product greater and greater.

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