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How the Modjoul SmartBelt Works

By Michelle Hiscock on January 27, 2017 |


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As part of the employee’s uniform, the Modjoul SmartBelt is worn through the belt loops of your pants and fits right into the work environment. However, don’t be fooled by its discreet appearance; the SmartBelt is packed with features to help supervisors and risk managers stay on top of potential issues.

1. Sensors Gather Data

Each Modjoul SmartBelt contains 8 sensors and GPS, including accelerometers, gyrometers, temperature and force sensors, spread out around the SmartBelt to provide optimum readings. These sensors collect data that ranges from speed of driving and strain levels to GPS position and falls.

Since the Modjoul SmartBelt is designed for the workplace, it can pick up multiple movements and work motions, including stooping and pushing or pulling movements. All this information is invaluable for supervisors monitoring for employee safety or risk managers keeping an eye out for dangers in the workplace.

2. The Belt Transmits Data

All the information that is collected by the SmartBelt’s sensors is transmitted in near-real time to the Cloud, via WiFi. This is done through the modem in the SmartBelt buckle, which utilizes existing WiFi as the employee works. All data is encrypted for your security. Thirty days of data can be stored on the SmartBelt.

3. Supervisors View Data in Dashboard

Modjoul’s proprietary models turn the encrypted data into easy to understand metrics that are available on three dashboards: the employee, the supervisor, and the CEO.

Dashboard reports are easy to access via mobile device or online and allow the viewer to see an overview and ranking of the employee’s work. Breadcrumb reporting allows the supervisor to view where employees were at all times. The SmartBelt also has a physical on-off switch that allows an employee to turn off the SmartBelt for privacy. 

It’s also possible to drill down in the dashboard, to look at specific events in the workplace. At the time of accident or a near miss, a supervisor can confirm the accident and severity by the sensor data. The amount of information available will allow the supervisor to help determine what corrective actions can be taken to prevent the incident from happening again.  


The Modjoul SmartBelt addresses the biggest problem in the workplace: safety. Through the use of our technology, it’s possible to track and improve employee safety. The Modjoul SmartBelt is uniquely designed to record the employee’s workday and present the new insights in a readable format.

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