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How to Use the Modjoul Dashboard

By Michelle Hiscock on March 23, 2017 |


The Modjoul dashboard is the most important tool for employers, aside from the Modjoul SmartBelt. The dashboard is where all the safety and work time reports are made available for companies to assess what’s going on in their workplace. We’ve developed multiple dashboard views depending on who is using the Modjoul SmartBelt and their role in the company. Dashboard views and capabilities differ among employees, supervisors, and organization administrators.

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Employee Dashboard

The employee dashboard allows employees who are wearing the Modjoul SmartBelt to see a summary of their performance. This summarized report shows all the individualized data collected for that employee broken down into three categories: safety, work time, and breadcrumb reports. In the productivity view, employees can see their drive time and static time to see how their time was spent while operating a vehicle. In the safety view, employees can see a breakdown of specific driving events and near miss events. In addition to the safety and work time views, the employee has access to their “breadcrumb report” that shows their route and location throughout the day.

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Supervisor Dashboard

The supervisor dashboard gives supervisors an almost real-time view of all their employees. This dashboard view indicates the location of each employee and their activity, whether working, driving, or idling. This dashboard can further be broken down into individual work time and safety reports for all employees. The "work time" tab gives the supervisor an overview of an employee's static, work, and drive time; the "safety" tab gives the supervisor a ranking of employees based on their aggressive driving events and near miss events. In the "administration" tab, the supervisor can manage all the Modjoul SmartBelts in use. This tab is where the supervisor inputs each employee’s shift time so the SmartBelt knows when to turn on and off for optimum battery life.
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Enterprise Dashboard

The enterprise dashboard is where all the employees and Modjoul SmartBelts are managed. In this dashboard, the administrator can add or delete employees, view all employees, add locations, configure the metrics for the company, and activate SmartBelts.


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No matter your role in the company, the Modjoul Dashboard is designed to meet your needs. Each dashboard view can be customized based on the data most relevant to your interests and allows you to see data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

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