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Modjoul Breadcrumb Reports: Making it Easy to Monitor Employees

By Michelle Hiscock on February 24, 2017 |


Imagine being able to see where your employee is at any point during the day, simply by looking at a screen or a mobile app. The Modjoul SmartBelt gives supervisors the ability to monitor their employees, track their location throughout the day, and much more.

1. Breadcrumb Reports

A breadcrumb report provides a birds-eye view of an employee’s route and locations throughout the day. This information can be displayed on a map that is accessible to the employee and their supervisor. The information is particularly useful for employees who have to drive as the system shows the optimum route for future reference.  

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In addition, the supervisor view allows multiple employees to be seen on the breadcrumb at one time. With a breadcrumb report, the supervisor knows exactly where each employee has been at each point throughout the day, how long they spent at a particular location and what they were doing at the location. 

2. Monitoring Actions

Not only does the Modjoul SmartBelt track the position of all the employees, it can also give supervisors a view of how safely their employees are working. Are they walking, lifting or bending? Are they lifting products or swinging a hammer? You’ll know.

Supervisors will also be able to playback the route the employee took and see street level views of the areas. This playback allows the supervisor to virtually supervise employees. The system tracks the working verbs at each location, as well as the time spent at each location. All of this information can help companies determine just how efficient their employees are as the top three are automatically ranked in the supervisor dashboard.

The Modjoul SmartBelt has plenty to offer, from breadcrumb reports to event Black BoxTM recording. For the company that wants to stay on top of safety and efficiency, it’s a no-brainer.

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