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Modjoul: Connecting the Lone Worker

Updated: Jun 28

On the jobsite, it is common for many employees to inhabit the same space. They work and collaborate on assignments to accomplish productivity goals more efficiently and share information between one another. Working in team environments means there is always someone around to keep an eye out for you and pass on insights that could improve your skill set when it comes to performing a job safely and effectively.

Alternatively, there are jobs that require employees to work on their own or in reduced teams. Maybe an employee visits various client sites throughout the day or operates in an un-manned section of a warehouse. It could even be the case that reduced crew sizes due to COVID-19 have led to lighter traffic on the shop floor. Regardless of the scenario, employees often find themselves in lone worker situations where they are away from their team for hours, days, and weeks at a time but still must get the job done. With no supervision this opens the employee to greater risk, limits their opportunity to receive valuable feedback, and ultimately jeopardizes their safety.

At Modjoul, our goal is to provide comprehensive safety metrics for your entire team – with no exception for the lone worker. Our wearable devices and software platform are designed to improve safety for these workers by providing the following functionality.

  • Employee Alerts: When an employee needs to communicate with their manager, they can simply press an alert button that sends a notification straight to their supervisor. This is meant to immediately inform the supervisor if assistance is needed.

  • Fall Detection and Inactivity Notifications: Modjoul devices are designed to identify instances where an employee may have fallen and been rendered unconscious. Alerts can be automatically sent to supervisors after periods of inactivity where an employee may need medical attention.

  • Ergonomic Data Insights: Despite working alone, the Modjoul dashboard makes it easy for organizations to compare their lone workers with customizable graphs and reports based on ergonomic data collected while wearing the belt. This allows for employees to learn from each other without ever needing to work together.

Perhaps you have a team of merchandisers who spend their days on the road and in stores to ensure your product is displayed properly, or you have a team of engineers who perform house calls. No matter the job role, Modjoul’s suite of employee health and safety solutions are built to ensure the well-being of your entire team. If you have employees who you consider to be lone workers, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about how our technology could benefit them!

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