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Modjoul’s Workplace Wearable: SmartBelt 2.0

Updated: Mar 19

From its inception, Modjoul has been driven to meet the needs of our customers by helping them keep employees safe. Two years ago, we introduced the SmartBelt to curb workplace injuries (costing companies billions of dollars annually) through the capture of body mechanics and worker activities. Equipped with this valuable data, we have been able to provide detailed reports that equip companies with the information needed to engineer safer working environments. In doing this, we have helped our clientele achieve reductions in injury expenditure as high as 61%.

We are proud to have achieved such great results with companies around the world, and we owe it to our history of working with our customers to introduce new data insights that benefit our wearers. With thousands of hours of use and thoughtful feedback, we are excited to be releasing the next generation of the SmartBelt. The Gen 2.0 is a great leap towards becoming an all in one health and safety PPE Platform, and here is what you can expect from our latest and greatest device.

Contact Tracing and Social Distancing

- Modjoul users can now capture interactions with other Modjoul users. The ability to pinpoint and log close interactions takes the guesswork out of contact tracing. Furthermore, real-time alerts will warn users if they are less than 6ft apart.

Modular Design

- Gen 2.0 has a completely new mechanical design that makes it much easier to wear and charge. The device can now be worn as a belt, on a waist clip, or attached to a hard hat and simply rests in the charging station when not in use.

Wireless Smart Charging

- The dynamic allocation feature of our new charging station will make it easier for multiple users to share a device. When you enter your user ID, the device with the most battery will illuminate to show that it is ready for use.

We could not have designed the Gen 2.0 device without the help of our loyal users. Their feedback has helped us make our device more user friendly, and it has validated the need for new useful features such as contact tracing. Ultimately, this device will allow us to reach more people than ever before, impact the lives of thousands of workers for the better, and lead to further innovation with future products.

Our team looks forward to working with you to create the safety solutions of the future, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have about using Modjoul to improve health and safety outcomes in your workplace. This blog expresses the personal opinion of its writer and is not intended to provide or be used for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of disease or other conditions, including COVID-19.

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