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Modjoul's SmartBelt: A Workplace Wearable For Every Industry

By Michelle Hiscock on March 6, 2017 |


Since wearable technology first appeared on the scene, businesses have reaped the benefits. Amazon uses wearable GPS trackers for warehouse workers to determine the optimal path to pick up a product. Some companies provide activity trackers to employees so they can offer decreased health care costs based on their activity levels. Make no mistake: wearable technology is here to stay, both in our personal and professional lives.


The Modjoul SmartBelt is unlike other wearable devices because it is specifically designed for the workplace. For example, on a construction site several workers are spread out among a large area. With the Modjoul Breadcrumb Report, supervisors can easily see where each employee is at any time. If a construction worker is in a dangerous area, the supervisor can quickly correct them before an accident happens by alerting them with a vibration on the SmartBelt. This way, each employee is working in the safest and most efficient environment possible. If an accident does occur, the data collected by the Modjoul SmartBelt can be assessed to determine the cause using Modjoul Black BoxTM to avoid similar accidents in the future.

Mechanical inspectors or distribution pickers may not have the same accident risks as a construction worker, but efficiency is crucial for these professions. In addition to supervisors being able to track where in the hospital these employees are at any given moment, the Modjoul SmartBelt provides the ability to track exactly how much time was spent in each patient room, ensuring that each patient has received the right care. This provides an invaluable new insight into an essential profession. Plus, efficient and effective healthcare providers help us all.

Safety is essential to every industry. Studies even show the use of wearable technology also increases job satisfaction. Want your employees to be as happy and safe as possible? No matter what industry you work in, our wearable can help.

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