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Preparing for the Second Wave

By Josh Turner on August 11, 2020 |


With the new normal well underway and our businesses and society adjusting to post-outbreak life, it would do us all good to take a quick breath and reflect. How has your organization responded? Are you in a state of survival? Are you maintaining? Are you on the rise or even booming? By now, most organizations have at least attempted implementing new processes and procedures to better protect every facet of their company. So, what has worked? What has not? And what processes can you improve? As we are taking this breath, the truth is – the second wave is coming.

Most experts believe that the COVID-19 “social distancing” world we are a part of will stretch to at least 2024, if not forever. Whether you are still planning your return to work strategies, or you are months into daily screening and enforcing social distancing, or you are somewhere in the middle…let’s take a look at what we can all do to prepare for the next wave.

  • Realize and Remember that YOU Have to Handle This – This is NOT going away. There is no insurance policy to remove all risk…no loophole to escape responsibility…no magic wand to wave. You must manage and guide your company through it.
  • Stay Up to Date with Regulations – Local, state and federal guidelines may change. Make sure you know the updates and stay ahead of the game by taking the extra step. Keep informed with the likes of the CDC and OSHA. Create safe and efficient process habits.
  • Solve Screening – This is your company’s front end defense. Keeping sick and/or symptomatic employees, vendors, customers, etc. out of your place of business is step 1 in mitigating spread. Choosing a customizable screening application can speed up your process and easily centralize the information you need.
  • Enforce Social Distancing – Once those who have passed screening are on your property, make sure they are practicing social distancing. Markings, labels, signage and wearables are all part of the full solution.
  • Be able to Contact Trace – Effective contact tracing can help save your business. Knowing who to notify and quarantine should you have a positive test may be the difference needed to keep your doors open.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability are Key – Working from home, workplace environment changes, new PPE requirements, and engineering out high population job duties/functions are all examples of being flexible and adapting to the changing landscape.
  • Clean and Clean and Clean Again – The obvious importance is related to the physical risks and securities. Often unseen is the boost in peace of mind those inside your facility will receive as they see your dedication to sanitization…that boost leads us to…
  • Build Confidence – Use all the above to build, reinforce and sustain confidence in your employees, customers, suppliers, and patrons. Communicate your best practices and preventative procedures to show that your company is committed to moving forward the right way.

Ready or not, the second wave is on its way. Let’s prepare and continue to create a better workplace together. We all share the responsibility of keeping ourselves safe. For those of us also accountable for the safety of others, Modjoul has the solution to fit your company’s needs. If you would like to know more, please send us a message or give us a call.

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