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Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs with Modjoul

By Michelle Hiscock on May 8, 2017 |


Any veteran insurance professional knows workplace injuries and fatalities are a costly and frequent occurrence. Worker’s compensation claims cost employers billions of dollars a year and, in many industries, the rate of on-the-job injuries continues to increase. In 2014, $62.3 billion dollars in workers’ compensation were paid to injured workers. And according to an OSHA Census, 4,836 American workers were killed on the job in 2015; over 13 deaths per day!

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What can we do to combat this growing problem?

The idea for the Modjoul SmartBelt was developed by insurance professionals who saw too many unnecessary workplace injuries and fatalities while working in the insurance business. What if a device, worn on an employee’s uniform, could prevent workplace injuries? Picture this: a construction worker walks into a hazardous area, falls, and breaks his leg. Now what if the employee was wearing the Modjoul SmartBelt with his supervisor monitoring the Modjoul Dashboard. The supervisor could see this worker moving toward the hazardous area, presses a button, and the worker’s Modjoul SmartBelt buzzes to warn him. The employee avoids injury and the company avoids a compensation claim.

If your industry involves driving, your employees are inherently at a higher risk for injury. The Modjoul SmartBelt can track several driving actions, such as hard braking, swerving, and speeding. The  Modjoul Dashboard displays this information so supervisors can see which employees have greater instances of these aggressive driving actions. Now, companies have data to clearly show that your employee is engaging in these risky behaviors, they can address this issue, and stop potential accidents before they occur. With fewer accidents and better driving behavior, the lower your insurance costs will be.

The Modjoul SmartBelt is a workplace wearable developed to keep employees safe and to prevent accidents and injuries from happening in the first place. When incidents do occur, the Modjoul SmartBelt can help companies determine the cause of the accident so they can take steps to prevent similar accidents in the future. Workers’ compensation insurance is an essential expense for business owners. Whatever your industry, the Modjoul SmartBelt is here to help you maintain a safe workplace. Check out the Modjoul SmartBelt today!

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