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The Hammer and The Dance

By Lucas Bradford on November 5, 2020 |


Are you reading this from your desk at the office? Do you find that your quarantine social-bubble is expanding (or bursting)? The new normal is happening now, and the reality is that our society is living by a new set of rules. In the beginning, mass lockdowns and restrictions stifled COVID-19 outbreaks, but ultimately, they postponed the inevitable. Quarantines and curfews were lifted in lieu of mask ordinances, social distancing, and health screening and we were left to figure out our new normal at our own pace. The somewhat sudden change in Coronavirus precautions was personified in the early days of the pandemic by San Francisco author Tomas Pueyo, who dubbed the transition in pandemic mitigation tactics as “The Hammer and the Dance”.

The Hammer represents aggressive measures taken to slow the virus, and the dance represents our lives thereafter. Our success at hammering the virus could certainly be argued, but months after Pueyo’s article went viral, we can look back at our efforts to learn the dance. As of 6:00 a.m. this Thursday Morning, Governor Philip Murphy of New Jersey has instated an executive order that is doubling down on coronavirus protections. With case numbers yet again on the rise in the US, this executive order is another reminder of the ways in which we can reduce community spread of the virus. Wearing a mask, social distancing, sanitizing work areas, and health screening are all sited in the comprehensive executive order, echoing public health advisory that has become commonplace across the country since the onset of the pandemic in March.

With every state now imposing various degrees of public health ordinances, the dance metaphor seems to be especially fitting. In the United States, every individual state has its own unique approach to quelling the Coronavirus - our own set of moves. And the result? Zoom out, and you’ll see the most powerful and influential country in the world sadly resembles a middle school dance floor when it should be more reminiscent of a ballet.

As the weather changes, every state has a different idea of how they expect to navigate the pandemic, but our team at Modjoul is a big proponent of all states falling in step with one another. The easiest things we can all do are be mindful of each other’s personal space and keep the virus out of our offices and public spaces! New Jersey has the right idea with their latest executive order, and we would encourage all other states to march to that same beat. Modjoul will be here to take the lead, so please reach out to us and let us know if you’re ready to give Modjoul a whirl!

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