• Austin Walker

The Voice of the Customer Realized

Coming from a career in the staffing industry, I know that one of the most important things to most job seekers and employees is feeling that they have a voice, that they are doing something important, and are truly making an impact. Unfortunately, it is also becoming very difficult to find a company that truly does this right. Providing an environment where employees can experience this will lead to great results by creating: a highly motivated team, employee engagement, improved communication, employee retention, happier customers, increased sales, more confident employees, and the list goes on. Basically, by actively listening and collaborating with your employees, you will create a team of “patriots instead of mercenaries.” Meaning, people will go above and beyond because there is a purpose and value to what they are doing. It also strengthens the relationships of the team and creates a family culture (a functional hard-working family culture).

Everyone appreciates the opportunity to work with a company that provides this type of culture. Recently, we launched a product that was developed almost entirely from the voice of our customers. It was emotional for me and others on our team to see the finished product, because a) it was an awesome finished product and the culmination of a lot of hard work and b) it was tangible confirmation that our feedback and the feedback from our customers was not only heard, but applied.

Over 4 years, we collected quite the wish list from our beloved partners and we have been feverishly chipping away at making their list of wants and needs a reality. Below is an example of some of the feedback that we received from our friends and customers.

There are too many wires when charging the belts. Can we have more than one person use the same device? Some employees say it is too bulky. Employees find it inconvenient to take their personal belt off and put this on and vice versa when they leave. Custom-sized belts are a hassle when we have turnover. One size fits all leaves too much slack when it is on a smaller waist. The vibration alert is not strong enough for employees on heavy machinery. The emergency alert button needs to be more accessible. The LED light needs to be easier to see. And most recently, we would like to be able to utilize the device for contact tracing and social distancing and would also like a screening solution.

We took these concerns to our leadership and our engineering team and worked to develop a next generation of technology to address all these issues. The result of this active listening and partnership that we developed with our customers and end users is the new Modjoul 2.0. What I did not expect was the emotional response we would all feel when we saw the finished product that was created by the voices of our customers over a 4-year time frame. In conclusion, listen to the people around you who are trying to make your company better. Do not squash ideas or take offense when someone tells you your product needs to be improved. Create a team of “patriots” who will do everything they can for the cause.

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