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3 Ways to Intelligently Apply Contact Tracing Wearables

By Shridhar Kulkarni on October 20, 2020 in Return to Work, COVID-19, Social Distancing, Contact Tracing

Now at this very moment I knew that the United States was in the war…. Hitler's fate was sealed. Mussolini's fate was sealed. As for the Japanese, they would be ground to a powder. All the rest was the proper application of overwhelming force.”-...

Resurgence of Covid-19 in Europe: What Does it Mean for US Businesses?

By Praveen Nedumpully Govindan, PhD on October 13, 2020 in Workplace Safety, Screening, COVID-19, Contact Tracing

Earlier this year, after now-what-seems a relatively short stint of explosion of corona virus cases, Europe by and large managed to restrict the daily case number to smaller numbers. Countries like Italy and Spain, which saw the worst of the...

COVID-19 University Update: Clemson Edition

By Lucas Bradford on September 16, 2020 in COVID-19

This summer we blogged about what universities would look with the pandemic extending into their fall semesters. At the time, the California State University system and just made the decision to cancel in person classes for the fall. Many...

COVID-19: Changing Rigid IT and Connectivity Infrastructure

By Shridhar Kulkarni on August 25, 2020 in IoT, Big Data, COVID-19

Traditional IT approach

The Truth About COVID-19 Safety Technology

By Lucas Bradford on August 19, 2020 in Workplace Safety, IoT, COVID-19

In the last decade, the internet has emerged as the worlds most advanced and widely used platform for communication. We exchange information, gain experiences, and even control the objects that surround us in our day to day lives all over the...

Preparing for the Second Wave

By Josh Turner on August 11, 2020 in Screening, Return to Work, COVID-19, Social Distancing, Contact Tracing

With the new normal well underway and our businesses and society adjusting to post-outbreak life, it would do us all good to take a quick breath and reflect. How has your organization responded? Are you in a state of survival? Are you...

Ready, Set, Go: The Wearable Era

By Chad Leonard on July 17, 2020 in Workplace Wearables, Modjoul SmartBelt, Workplace Safety, COVID-19, Contact Tracing

As businesses that were closed for some time plan to return to work, they are faced with the challenge of determining how best to create a safe work environment for employees. In order to enforce social distancing requirements and ensure that...

COVID-19 & Your Workplace: OSHA Updates

By Josh Turner on July 15, 2020 in Screening, Return to Work, Modjoul Health, COVID-19, Social Distancing

Yes, we have heard by now that COVID-19 has forever changed our society, public interaction and workplaces. The alarming resurgence in spread and the record number of cases lets us know that we are nowhere near the end of this. The threats to...

13 Ways to Avoid Being THAT Company

By Eric Martinez on July 9, 2020 in Workplace Safety, IoT, Screening, Return to Work, Modjoul Health, COVID-19, Contact Tracing

After two months of listening and helping customers prepare for Covid-19, there are quite a lot of learnings that Modjoul has picked up along the way. It is clear companies are still in the test, pilot and implement stage. The quick solutions are...

3 Reasons Your Company Shouldn't Create A Screening App

By Sarah Essich on June 30, 2020 in Workplace Safety, Screening, COVID-19, Mobile App

Let's explore the following real life scenario: your company is slowly, but surely making plans for the much anticipated return to the workplace. The company's pandemic team has thoughtfully planned out the physical space to make it conducive to...