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Using Modjoul's Black Box to Record Employee Injuries and Events

By Michelle Hiscock on February 17, 2017 |


Modjoul has plenty of impressive features, but the best one might be the Black BoxTM. Like the Black BoxTM on an airplane, this feature allows the belt to record and store information on events that occur while the belt is being worn, and to provide important data for injuries, automobile accidents or “man down” incidents.

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1. Recording Employee Injuries 

The logical Black BoxTM records data from the SmartBelt’s sensors at the point in time when an incident occurs. The models evaluate the sensor data and determine if a safety incident has occurred. The information is compiled into a report for supervisors, risk managers and the employee. The data collected will let supervisors know where the employee was at the time of the injury, what they were doing, and the severity of the incident.

Many injuries can be detected by the SmartBelt, including back strains, slips, trips, and falls. Not only is the actual event recorded, but so is the severity of the event. This will help prevent fraudulent reporting of injuries, as well as injury exaggeration.

2. Preventing Fraud and Exaggeration

One issue with workers’ compensation claims is exaggeration of the injury. Exaggeration of the injury can occur with a doctor or care providers’ treatment plan or the employee may wish to extend time off. The data will allow the case examiner to check the severity of some injuries so a proper treatment plan can be prescribed. This ensures the injured employee receives the care that is necessary for their path to wellness

For reporting fraud, where an employee claims injury inside working hours and the injury happened sometime else, the sensors will show whether or not an incident happened. The Black BoxTM recording will prove what is true and what is not. The supervisor simply looks back over the data to see if an event actually happened. Modjoul takes the suspicion out of the process which is good for the employee and the supervisor.


If there was an injury, albeit a minor one, the data will provide insights about the event – time, location and the type of incident. Severity can also be determined by the magnitude of the sensor readings, which helps with treatment and ensures the employee receives the right care. Almost real-time reporting to the supervisor through the alert feed allows the supervisor to check in with the employee and ensure the right course of action is taken. With thousands and thousands of injuries happening every month, it is important to make sure the employees and supervisors have the data in the Black BoxTM to help prevent future injuries. The goal of Modjoul is to eliminate employee injuries and create a safe working environment. Modjoul’s Black BoxTM feature allows companies to do just that.

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