Case Studies

Discover how Modjoul has made safety improvements in industries like your own. 


A Large E-Commerce Company

"28,000 bends greater than 600 per week were eliminated through targeted coaching based on Modjoul's automated outlier reporting. This is a 70% reduction in risky bends."



A Major Airline Company

"On average, the group bent 8 times per hour in 2018, with 2 of those bends occurring at angles greater than 60 ̊. After 6 months of use, the group saw a reduction in bends of nearly 60% and a reduction in bends >60 ̊ of 50%."



A Major Steel Producer

"...the total number of bends per hour dropped nearly 40% & the average twists per hour reduced by 21%. The safety manager of the organization attributes a 30% reduction in sprains and strains to the use of Modjoul Smartbelt."



A Major Hospitality Management Company

"...the time spent in a bent position was also reduced dramatically. By the end of the PoC [Proof of Concept], housekeepers were spending under 4 minutes in a bent position every hour."

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