Screening App-2

Screening App

The Modjoul screening application provides employers control and transparency to help reduce the spread of illness in their facilities. At the center of the platform is a Readiness Score, that when completed by employees, indicates if they are clear to report to work. 


Features of the screening application include:

  • QR code functionality for easy check-ins
  • Customizable questions based on your organization requirements
  • And much more 
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Contact Tracing and Social Distancing

The Modjoul platform includes functionality to both alert users of social distancing violations and record contact traces within an organization. Through wearables and our data platform enterprises can effectively manage employee interactions and reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19.

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CTSD Report w Wearable

Our Approach Works


Companies using the screening app to ensure their employees are clear to come to work


reduction in social distancing violations have been realized due to real-time alerts


reduction in employee contact traces due to data insights that identify contact hotspots

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