New Challenges

In these unprecedented times, the unprecedented challenge of providing an illness-free workplace is emerging. It is becoming common for employers to require employee check-ins and screenings before employees enter the facility. These check-in processes, although a method of reducing the spread of illness, can take a lot of time and expose the workforce to additional risk. Innovative check-in and screening processes are needed.

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Out of date screening methods take a long time to complete and expose your employees to additional risk 

New screening technologies streamline the check-in process and allow employers an increased level of control

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A Better Way to Screen Your Workforce

The Modjoul platform provides employers control and transparency to help reduce the spread of illness in their facilities. At the center of the platform is a Readiness Score, that when completed by employees, indicates if they are clear to report to work. Furthermore, if integrated with Modjoul’s wearable devices, the screening process is automated by continuously measuring the core body temperature of the employee.


Easy to Use

Simple to use screening process for employees and employers that eliminates employees standing in line and improves efficiencies.

Symptom Questionnaire

Employees are asked three questions that are based on the CDC recommendations. How are you feeling? What are your symptoms? What is your temperature?


Efficient Entry

The employee’s Readiness Score creates a unique QR code that acts as their entry document to their place of work. Yes, just like a boarding pass! 

Employee Census

Employer uploads their census and the status of each employee’s check-in is stored in the cloud for the employer to access. 

Worker Privacy

Allowing the employee to answer the symptom questionnaire in the privacy of their own home, eliminates the potential of getting singled out in an lineup.

Wearable Integrations

Modjoul wearable devices will automate the data collection process and provide objective data to reduce illnesses from spreading in the workplace.

The Modjoul application and its related Readiness Score are not intended to provide or be used for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of disease or other conditions, including COVID-19.

How will you screen your employees?

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