IOT platform for

Worker Safety.
PPE Compliance.
Asset Management.

The Modjoul Platform

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We utilize RFID technology to ensure employees are PPE compliant before entering PPE required areas and to protect valuable assets from leaving the facility. 

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All insights gathered from the Modjoul wearable can be viewed within the Modjoul platform. Use these insights to detect outliers and establish proper training techniques. 



The information gathered by Modjoul technology is key to making organizational changes that increase productivity and efficiency while keeping employees safe.

Platform Capabilities

Manage your warehouse with the following features:
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Lumbar Risk Scoring

Scoring on lumbar by providing data on bending and twisting including angle, duration, and count

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Forklift Driving

Detects underlying vibration caused by the forklift and calculates duration and driving score

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Repetitive Motion Alerts

Thresholds are set for an employee or process and an alert is sent when met

Lone Worker Safety

Detects lack of movement and sends a message if two-way button is pressed

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Temperature Warnings

Detects either extreme cold or hot conditions and starts a timer for the employee to have a break

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Asset Exit Detection

Detection of high value assets at exit points within facility to prevent loss

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PPE Compliance

Scanning PPE to determine site wide compliance as well as alert employees when PPE is not worn 

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Asset Management

Keep track of availability of assets to ensure employees have all they need to work

Not all features are available for every customer, features are tailored to fit each customer's individual needs

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