The Modjoul wearable is a workplace wearable designed to keep workers safe while operating at their highest potential. Equipped with 6 sensors, the wearable collects motion, location, and environmental data to proactively identify if a worker is at risk and with whom they are interacting with. 

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Contact Tracing

User movements and interactions with other Modjoul users are logged and reported in a easy to view dashboard to help pinpoint who comes in contact with who

Social Distancing

Notify users in real-time when they are violating social distancing recommendations. A haptic response is provided to users if they are less than approximately 6ft away from each other

User Alerts

The alert button on the wearable provides the ability for your workforce to alert a supervisor. Email, SMS, and in app notifications are supported when the wearable is connected to Wi-Fi

Lumbar Safety

Understand the lumbar risk of your employee by quantifying the counts and durations of bends and twists performed. Feedback and insights are provided to the user in the form of haptic response and dashboards

Movement Metrics

Quantify employee movement, and opportunities to improve processes by looking at working metrics including walking, sitting/standing, stationary work, and Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET)

Forklift & Vehicle Driving

A telematic solution that is always on the person while they are operating a forklift or a vehicle. The wearable tracks duration in/on a vehicle and the number of aggressive events performed by the wearer