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Employee safety is a concern in every industry. With Modjoul's SmartBelt, we give companies the ability to see vital areas of business that can lead to injuries. Our real-time data provides safety insights that companies can use to eliminate risk on the job and keep employees safe.

Work Time

With the Modjoul SmartBelt, companies have access to work time metrics that break down how their employees are working. With metrics like drive time, bending, and walking, the SmartBelt provides employers with actionable insights to their company.


Whether an employee is switching between their many daily tasks or if they’re simply moving their back the incorrect way, our data gives a detailed view of your business; helping to improve the safety record of your company while increasing the overall effectiveness of your organization in the process.
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  • Modjoul’s Eric Martinez puts safety first, last, and always. As the former head of claims and operations at New York’s American Insurance Group, Eric Martinez has seen countless cases of unnecessary workplace injuries and fatalities. Now he’s developing wearable technology that could prevent both.

    Upstate Business Journal

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  • Eric Martinez, the founder of Modjoul, possesses both depth and breadth of experience in claims management. He formerly headed AIG’s claims operations, where he reported directly to the CEO, supervised some 25,000 employees, and managed about $40 billion in loss costs.

    Rough Notes

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  • Entrepreneurs know to expect the unexpected, but to have an employee be unable to return to the U.S. after a trip to visit family was not remotely on Eric Martinez’s radar when he founded Modjoul, which makes wearables to improve worker safety and productivity, last June.


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