New data. Better safety.

A Platform

for wearable devices and user inputs that can deliver actionable insights, benchmark organizations, and reduce risk.

Data Models

to add meaning to digital signatures and raw sensor values that quantify and identify risk in an organization. 


that collect information on how people move, where they are, and what the ambient environment is like.

Modjoul news

  • In mid-March a surgeon practicing in Kirkland, Washington, the USA's first Coronavirus epicenter, asked for help and modjoul™ jumped into action and answered the call. Modjoul, a wearable platform company that gathers information in real time, put their expertise in sensor technology to work and came up with an innovative solution to protect our most vulnerable frontline workers.

    PR Newswire

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  • Modjoul’s Eric Martinez puts safety first, last, and always. As the former head of claims and operations at New York’s American Insurance Group, Eric Martinez has seen countless cases of unnecessary workplace injuries and fatalities. Now he’s developing wearable technology that could prevent both.

    Upstate Business Journal

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