An IOT platform for keeping employees safe


Data is uploaded to the Modjoul platform in real time

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Keep equipment
from leaving a designated area

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A Modjoul device will vibrate
to warn employees of an unsafe bend

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Ensure proper PPE is worn in required areas

The Modjoul Platform

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Reducing injury with data insights collected by Modjoul wearable technology

Utilizing RFID technology to check PPE in required areas and gain compliance insights 

A solution to manage inventory and assets utilizing our Watchdog System

PPE Compliance
Worker Safety
The data collected by a Modjoul device is accessible via the Modjoul Platform.
Asset Management 
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The Modjoul Wearable

  • Designed to keep workers safe while operating at their highest potential

  • Equipped with 6 sensors to collect motion, location, and environmental data

  • Proactively identifies if a worker is at risk 

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Modjoul's Watchdog System

Ensure employees are wearing proper PPE in required areas

Protect valuable assets from leaving the area or facility 

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RFID technology can be applied to any piece of equipment to:


We've Got Your Back

Why Businesses Put Their Trust In Us

"Through targeted coaching based on Modjoul's automated outlier reporting we saw a 70% reduction in risky bends."

A Large E-commerce Company

"...the total number of bends per hour dropped by 40%"

A Major Steel Producer

"After 6 months of use, the group saw a reduction in bends of nearly 60%"

A Major Airline Company