About Modjoul

What We Do

We are a data analytics company based in Greenville, South Carolina. Modjoul’s Smart Company Platform’s mission is to collect data from workers and machines to help drive smarter decisions, provide data insights to prevent 4.5 million injuries per year, & provide a platform to manage key operational assets.

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Modjoul’s first office in Clemson, SC
Our first wearable -  Modjoul Smartbelt

Why We Do It

After seeing too many unnecessary workplace injuries and fatalities while working in the insurance business, co-founders Eric Martinez and Jen Thorson knew there had to be a better way. It was with this mindset that Modjoul was born.

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Eric Martinez

CEO and Co-Founder

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Jen Thorson

COO and Co-Founder

Our Mission

Like you, we believe employees are a company's greatest asset. That’s why our goal is to bring increased workplace safety to every employee, in every industry, everywhere.