The Modjoul SmartBelt is a workplace wearable designed to keep workers safe while operating at their highest potential. Equipped with 8 sensors and GPS, the SmartBelt collects motion, location, and environmental data to proactively identify if a worker is at risk of getting injured.

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Activity Tracking

The SmartBelt reveals insights about your body and how you move - because the better you understand your movements, the better you can perform

Haptic Response

The vibration motor in the SmartBelt allows real-time feedback to the user if they are performing an at risk movement

Push Notifications

Alerts, metrics, and scores can be pushed to users and safety professionals if a determined threshold is in jeapordy 

Alert Button

In the case of an emergency, the alert button can be used to notify an emergency contact that you're in need of help and your current location

2-Day Battery

Track activity with peace of mind knowing that the battery can last multiple days on a single charge

Designed for Industry

The durable ABS belt buckle and rugged nylon strap allow the SmartBelt to withstand the tests of blue collar work