The Modjoul SmartBelt

The Modjoul SmartBelt is a workplace wearable designed to keep employees safe. The sensors in the SmartBelt collect various data from the user to determine their safety while on the job. By collecting data such as location, motion and environment, companies can have a comprehensive view of how their employees operate and in what conditions. Equipped with 8 sensors and GPS, the SmartBelt can provide new data to help companies understand behaviors and activities that lead to injuries. Data is collected based on counts, duration, and rate of the employee’s activities. The SmartBelt can pick up multiple movements and work motions, including walking, sitting, falling, driving, tripping, and more. As the data is collected, the SmartBelt simultaneously converts the data into working “verbs” and transmits the information to the cloud, via WiFi.

Modjoul Dashboard

Once the data is collected, orchestrated and classified, the information is reported in easy-to-understand metrics on the three customizable dashboard views: CEO, Supervisor, and Employee. The dashboard reports are easy to access via the Modjoul app or online and allow the viewer to see an overview and ranking of an employee’s safety. It’s also possible to drill down in the dashboard to look at specific events and to track an employee's location through the breadcrumb report. To see specific use cases for the Modjoul SmartBelt, check out our Use Cases Infographic for more details.

Want to know how the SmartBelt can apply to your safety operations? Download our ebook "Common Workplace Applications for the Modjoul SmartBelt" to learn how the SmartBelt helps with near misses, training, telematics, time reporting, and more. 
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Employee safety is a concern in every industry. With Modjoul's SmartBelt, we give companies the ability to see vital areas of business that can lead to injuries. Learn how the Modjoul SmartBelt works and the benefits it can bring to your company by scheduling a demo with one of our representatives.

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