The Modjoul Wearable prevents injury in three ways





Haptic response to inform users of unsafe movement or activity in real time

Data is sent and stored in the Modjoul platform to be reviewed by employees & supervisors 

Training & procedures are implemented to eliminate injuries from the workplace 

6 sensors provide motion, location, and environmental data
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Flashing LED's make for quick & easy check-in process
Modular design allows for device to be worn as a belt or clip

Leveraging state of the art technology to prevent injury in the workplace

The Modjoul Wearable Program

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Ease of Use

Locate your wearable at a convenient charging location, secure the belt, and work as normal

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The belt gathers biomechanical data such as bending and twisting metrics while you work


Reviews & Dashboard

View the collected data in our dashboard or app. Supervisors receive weekly reviews and Modjoul support.

Customers have the ability to customize their sensors on the wearable to tailor to their needs

Interested in seeing the Modjoul wearable in action?